Lipstick is broken? Never!

Last night I saw a movie with my friends – < Pearl Harbor>. The director is Michael Benjamin Bay, which is one of my favourite directors. He made so many gorgeous works: < The Rock >, < Armageddon >, < Transformers >, etc. After we watched it, one of my friends said: “that would be great if there was no war .” Meanwhile, another said: “if I could be Kate Beckinsale, I would die without regret .” YES! Of course, I agree with it completely, and what attracts me most is Kate Beckinsale’s bright-coloured lips. When I glanced at her, I hit it off. The lipsticks are enough to arouse one’s feelings.

It is said that Cleopatra conquered Gaius Julius Caesar with her red lips. Although this is a rumour, the ancient Egyptians were recognized as the first ones who knew how to make up. Ancient Greece has a record of lipstick formula, including juice made from purple mulberry, red seaweed, and other coloured plants, as well as fragrant powders made from crushed purple shells and flour. At that time, a kind of bright red crystal mineral powder was particularly popular. It was called cinnabar because cinnabar contained mercury. The more red the lips of girls were, the more mercury they ate. Although a little dangerous, this poison has been popular in the European cosmetic industry for a long time. The ancient Roman people were a group of hedonists who were full of enthusiasm in red and purple lips. In the middle ages, although the priests said that the woman who used lipstick was the incarnation of Satan, lipstick was still popular. In the 16th century, Queen Catherine and Queen Elizabeth – these two fashion demons quickly led to the terrible trend of heavy make-up.

In the 17th century, Spaniards began to import a kind of non-toxic red dye from Mexico to Europe. The dye is actually a kind of insect. They are scale insects that are closely parasitic on Mexican cactus. Now, they are called cochineal insects. On the contrary, lipstick was banned in Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries. In the Victorian era, if a girl was found wearing make-up before marriage, she couldn’t get married. When they see their sweetheart, they can only turn their back and rub their lips with a handkerchief to make them look good. The struggle lasted until 1912 when feminists used lipstick as a weapon of rebellion. Then, the development of the film and entertainment industry made actors and singers use lipstick in public.

With the market, lipstick was invented, and then, in World War II, it was found that girls’ lipstick was the best motivating colour on the battlefield. Therefore, the US Army gave women soldiers quick make-up lessons on the battlefield. In this way, from the postwar to the 1960s and 1970s, lipstick became a simple thing for girls to paint freely and easily. Until here, the history of lipstick is finished. Now, lipstick can be found almost in every girl’s bag. Meanwhile, do you have the worst experience with lipstick? I have one. I bought lipstick for my sister at the airport when travelling, but it was broken when I first opened it. It was so terrible. I wanna know how the lipstick broke, didn’t it pass through the professional test? Then I got some knowledge about it. Saicheng’s ZDY-02 is an excellent and efficient machine that processes breaking force tests of lipstick and ampoule.